Mystic Tibetan Calligraphies
Calligraphies & Decorative Art by Namkhaï
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Making of Tibetan Calligraphies in various styles, for tattoos, pieces of art to be hung on walls, etc.

A name, a word, a sentence, a common saying... everything is possible! 

བདེ་སྐྱིད་ནི་ཕྱི་ནས་ཐོབ་གྱུ་ཡོད་མ་རེད། སུ་སུའི་ཡིད་གྱི་ནང་ནས་འཚོལ་དགོས་རེད།
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Mystic tibetan calligraphies by Namkhaï is listed here: Art plastique : Calligraphie in this search book Gmail en IMAP

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